Tomorow I stop.. but tomorrow

mañana me chanto, pero mañana

In my recent post, Gringos can’t dance salsa, I wrote about my inability to dance and referred to some superficial, cheesy, but incredibly catchy tunes that were popular in Chile during my year abroad.  I am writing this post to speak about some real Spanish music.  Specifically, about an awesome band and an unreal night.

Pretty early on into my second semester at U de Chile, I had made a pretty close group of buddies, a German, a Fin, a Kiwi, an American and me the Canuck, and together we had some pretty ridiculous nights tearing up Santiago.  One particular night after enjoying some beers and ‘chorrillana’ (a pile of fries topped with sliced beef, fried eggs, onions and sausages) at a dive of a Chilean diner we frequented often, we headed through the Parque Forestal towards Barrio Bellavista, the bar district of Santiago.

Walking down one of the quieter streets of Bellavista away from the main strip of clubs, we were waved down by two Chileans standing at the door of a bar.  They shouted and waved us over, motioning to go into the bar, which exhaled gusts of music every time the door opened, we could hear the sounds of Spanish guitar and cheering, and we were enticed.  We crossed the street and negotiated a decent price for the group of us to get into the bar.  We entered into a dimly lit dance floor with a bar lining the left side of the room, and a slightly raised stage at the back, atop the stage was a rag tag group of dread-locked guys belting out some of the coolest music I have ever had the pleasure to listen to live.

Mañana Me Chanto, tomorrow I stop. These guys were awesome, clad in South American style hippy pants, swinging their dreadlocks as they danced around the stage. Rocking out on accordions, guitars, drums, and horns, they turned the dark bar into a fiesta, the entire crowd moved along with the music, including me.

Their style of music was incredible, despite the chill of a Santiago night, their sounds made me feel like I was standing on a beach somewhere enjoying a cold beer and good music, which reminded me, we needed a round of Escudos.  We spent the night drinking beers and enjoying good music.

I highly encourage everyone to check these guys out, whether you can speak Spanish or not, it doesn’t matter, the music will make you move and put a smile on your face.  Here are some YouTube videos of my favourite songs by them:

Performing live in Santiago

Nos Vamos pal Monte

Mijita Rica

Dictadura Global

The best part of the show was at the end when the song broke down and they droned out a long build up, with the lead man announcing “the magnificent, the great, the incredible….” and shouted the name of the dog who had been walking in and among the band the entire night barking along to the songs, the dog ran and leaped onto the guys back and they finished the song with the perro perched on his back.

It was an awesome night, with some awesome music and an awesome group of guys.  It was a taste of some of the antics the group of we five gringos would get into the remaining months of our semester at U de Chile.


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