the wanderlust nobody


“And presidents, and billionaires, and generals. They’ll never know, what I have owned. I’m a wonderlust king.”


My name is Brendon McHale.  As a recent graduate of a Bachelor of International Business and currently preparing myself to move to Mexico City to jump head first into the real world, I have decided to combine two of my greatest passions, travelling and writing. Now I know the wonderful world wide web is brimming with globetrotters blogging about their every adventure, and I can’t claim to be offering anything spectacularly different, or expect anybody to care enough to take the time to listen.  This is simply a way for me to express my experiences through the beauty of the written word, a way to leave behind nothing more than footprints in the dust and words on a page.

My passion for writing blossomed through the words of Faulkner, Joyce, Marquez and countless other storytellers.  Growing up I hungrily consumed every book I could get my hands on, my library card worn and my mind overflowing with the worlds of my favourite authors.  Meanwhile my dreams of travel and adventure fermented in the rural heat of small town Ontario.  I watched travel shows and documentaries about far away places, picturing myself with my entire life strapped to my back, sleeping in a different place every night and soaking up the entire world.  In 2012 I took my first step on my lifelong journey to experience the world, when I left Canada to study abroad in Santiago de Chile for one year.  For an entire year I lived and traveled in South America; I fell asleep under the stars breathing in the crisp desert air, I stood under glacial waterfalls drinking water so clear it looked like air, I watched the sun rise over the mountain fortresses of the ancients.  I swam in alligator and piranha ridden rivers, I fell asleep to the haunting lullaby of the Amazon, I slept on beach hammocks under a never ending sunset.  I ate seafood so fresh it seemed to squirm defiantly in my mouth, I tasted flavours that ignited my body and drank tea in the jungle that made my head swim in the heavens.  I listened to the sounds of the ocean against jagged cliffs at the end of the world and heard the music of an entire continent soaked in sunshine.  For that year I lived with a permanent smile on my face and learned more about myself and life than in the combined previous twenty-one years.

Every few days I will be posting a blog about one of my experiences living in South America, I hope to encapsulate the beauty and adventure I experienced on a daily basis, culminating into my departure for Mexico City and the next chapter in my life.  This is the first step in following my dream of writing, and I hope anyone who takes the time to read it enjoys what I have to say.

I hope that some day I will have seen enough of this world to truly call myself a wanderlust king, but for now I am just a wanderlust nobody, and the journey begins now.


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